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Kabir - the love for his poems and his philosophy!

While searching for interesting Sufi and Tantric music, I came across a beautiful song by Shabnam Virmani on Youtube sung as part of a project called "The Kabir Project" held at the Srishti School of Design. To put it simply, it moved me on its simple lines and very beautiful message. It led me to search for more of Kabir's poems. And a whole world opened up! It opened up to Kabir, Kumar Gandharva, Prahlad Tipaniya, Vidya Rao, the Nath Panthis somewhere in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Some Nirguni singers on the street. Several beautiful pieces that connect you to your soul for the inner peace that everyone is seeking, unfortunately outside!
Here are some wonderful poems and some links that you will enjoy.

khalak sab rain ki sapna, samajh man koi nahi apna;
kathin hai moha ki dhara, baha sab jat sansara;
ghada jas nir ka phuta, patra jyon dar se tuta;
aisi nar jat jindagani, ajahun to chet abhimani;
bhulo mati dekhi tanu gora, jagat men jivana thora;
sajan parivar sut dara, sabhi ik roj hvai nyara;
nikas jab pran javega, nahin koi kam avega;
sada jin jani yahh dehi, laga nij rup se nehi;
kate yam jal ki phansi, kahai kabir avinashi.
This whole world is like a dream at night;
O mind! Understand that nobody belongs to you;
The flow of attachment is dangerous, and the whole world is being washed away;
Just as the water jar breaks, or the leaf breaks off the branch, just so man's life passes;
O proud man! Even today, realize yourself. Do not be fooled by seeing the beauty of the body. You have only a short time to live in the world;
The husband, relatives, son and wife, will all one day be separated from you;
When your life will be departing, no one will be able to save you.
He who always realizes his soul, develops an intense love for his own form (soul);
The immortal Kabir says that such a person cuts the noose of Yama (death)

This one is awesome - 
pyare prapanch men toh din rat tum gujara,
manush ka tan ye pake, kuchh toh jara bicharo;
do din ka le basera, karte ho mera mera,
sab chhor apna dera, khali gaye hajaro;
asha ki pash page, trishna ke pichhe lage,
phirte ho kyon abhage, santosh dil men dharo;
dewega soi pawe, owr kuchh na kam awe,
ek dharm sath jawe, yeha bat mat bisaro;
kahate kabir gyani, sansar hai ye phani,
taj apni sab nadani, mamta ow mad ko maro
O dear one! You are spending the day and night in delusion,
You have obtained the human form and you should be very thoughtful.
You come here to dwell for two days and you say: "Mine, Mine";
Thousands have left everything here and went empty handed.
You are seething with desires and you run after greed;
Why do you wander unfortunately? Bring contentment in your heart.
He who gives will receive; nothing else will be of real benefit;
Only your righteous duties will go with you; do not forget this instruction.
Kabir speaks with knowledge that this world is in delusion;
Give up all your ignorance and destroy your ego and pride.

Kabirdas has spoken so much about the importance of a Guru. In fact, he stresses that after everything is lost, the only thing that remains is the words of the Guru - Guru Gyani. One such piece is presented below.

yaha prem sada bharpur rahe, gurudeo apke charano men;
yaha araj meri manjur rahe, gurudeo apke charano men;
yaha jiwan ko maine sowmp diya, yaha dor apke hatho men;
utthan patan ab mera ho, gurudeo apke charano men;
sansar asar hai sar nahi, baki na rahi ab chaha kahin;
main hun sansar ke bandhan men, sansar apke hatho men;
ankho men hamesha dhyan rahe, aru man charano men laga rahe;
yaha ant samai ki araji hai, gurudeo apke charano men;
yaha bar bar main kahata hun, age prabhu apki marji hai;
yaha vinai ravindranand kare, gurudeo apke charano men;
Oh lord! Let my love ever be fulfilled at your holy feet;
This is my humble request; may you accept it at your holy feet
I have surrendered this life to you, and you are holding the controlling strings;
Now my fallen state will be rectified, O Lord, at your holy feet;
This world is not genuine; it is without the true essence; may I not now have any more unfulfilled desires;
I am in the clutches of this material world, but the world is truly in your hands;
Let my eyes always meditate on you, and my mind be absorbed at your holy feet;
This is my ultimate request of you, O Lord, and is made at your holy feet'
Again and again I have thus pleaded with you but, O Lord, the future is entirely at your mercy; 
This request is made by your devotee Rabindranand, O Master, at your holy feet.

Now listen to wonderful pieces of Kabir Vaani. Also is a link to the Kabir project and to Shabnam Virmani's documentary.

I am sure this will lead you to search for more. Enjoy! Glory to the Guru!

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