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(Indian) Movies for the devotional/spiritual/esoteric minds

Of late, I have been searching through Youtube for movies that are on the great bhakthas, sadhaks, spiritual masters etc. I found many and thought it apt to share it to many others who can be spared the search time.


Sri Purandara Dasaru (in Kannada) -
Sadhak Bamakhyapa (this is a two part movie in Bengali) -
Sadhak Kamalakanta (this is a series of 9-10 clips in Bengali) - 
Sadhak Ramprasad (this is in two parts as well in Bengali) - 
Yogis of Tibet (in English) - 
Sant Dnyaneshwar (in Marathi) -
Sant Eknath Maharaj (in Marathi) -
Sant Tukaram (in Marathi) -
Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna (in Bengali) -