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Kabir - the love for his poems and his philosophy!

While searching for interesting Sufi and Tantric music, I came across a beautiful song by Shabnam Virmani on Youtube sung as part of a project called "The Kabir Project" held at the Srishti School of Design. To put it simply, it moved me on its simple lines and very beautiful message. It led me to search for more of Kabir's poems. And a whole world opened up! It opened up to Kabir, Kumar Gandharva, Prahlad Tipaniya, Vidya Rao, the Nath Panthis somewhere in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Some Nirguni singers on the street. Several beautiful pieces that connect you to your soul for the inner peace that everyone is seeking, unfortunately outside!Here are some wonderful poems and some links that you will enjoy.
khalak sab rain ki sapna, samajh man koi nahi apna; kathin hai moha ki dhara, baha sab jat sansara; ghada jas nir ka phuta, patra jyon dar se tuta; aisi nar jat jindagani, ajahun to chet abhimani; bhulo mati dekhi tanu gora, jagat men jivana thora; sajan parivar sut d…

(Indian) Movies for the devotional/spiritual/esoteric minds

Of late, I have been searching through Youtube for movies that are on the great bhakthas, sadhaks, spiritual masters etc. I found many and thought it apt to share it to many others who can be spared the search time.


Sri Purandara Dasaru (in Kannada) -
Sadhak Bamakhyapa (this is a two part movie in Bengali) -
Sadhak Kamalakanta (this is a series of 9-10 clips in Bengali) - 
Sadhak Ramprasad (this is in two parts as well in Bengali) - 
Yogis of Tibet (in English) - 
Sant Dnyaneshwar (in Marathi) -
Sant Eknath Maharaj (in Marathi) -
Sant Tukaram (in Marathi) -
Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna (in Bengali) -

The Tree!

When I think of the present situation in the world around us and think especially about the various people I meet in my day to day interactions, be at work or otherwise, I am sometimes deluded by the feeling of selfishness that surrounds each one of us including myself. Forcing myself to think further, I was looking for who in this world is a symbol of selflessness that so much has been expounded by the Gita and many other spiritual texts. Mothers probably come close to being selfless examples, but they too have traces of selfishness in many situations. Having found it difficult to find one among human beings, I looked beyond and searched for other living beings. I did find definite indications of selfishness among animals - especially observing crows, dogs, etc. Continuing my search for an answer to my question to beyond animals, deeper thoughts led me to the plant world. And contemplating further, I discovered that a tree is probably a perfect symbol of a selfless nature.

The tree is…